Samantha (and Adam) Harring

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Samantha (and Adam) Harring

Postby Drake Andrews » Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:59 pm

I want a second chance (again).

Name(s): Samantha and Adam Harring
Race: Spirit
Facet: Mage
Year: First
Job: None.
Address: Temp. Dorms
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 95 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Short Black
Planet of origin: Alt-Earth somewhere out in the galactic south
Age: 19

Samantha grew up on a pretty boring alt-earth about thirty degrees spinward of the galactic south. Not watcher protected, but generally considered not worth contacting either, which sums up the planet pretty well. The only interesting fact was that the inhabitants all used magic on a day to day basis, although they had no idea they were doing so. Their technology had developed with magic in the place of electrical components, and without anything to compare it to, this was deemed the way things were and not given a second thought.

Samantha was pretty close to your average university student, a good mix of hard studying and hard spirits. Although, unlike most students, Samantha had a co-pilot. She suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, and shared her body with Adam. Samantha dealt with the academic side, and Adam had fun with the rest. Just to add to the difference from the norm, Samantha had a large set of tribal tattoos across her back done with a magic ink. Instead of doing stupid things like moving or talking, these inks acted as a magical conduit. After some extensive study, the two of them found that they have a penchant for fire magic. What they didn't know how soon after they found it, they would have to use it.

It was a Thursday night and in the private house in which Adam and Samantha lived, everyone was asleep. Quietly, a small group of people clustered around the front door. They picked the lock and creped inside. By some minute coincidence, at roughly the same time Adam woke up and decided to grab a hot drink from the kitchen on the ground floor. So, he shrugged on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top and headed downstairs. The sound of the kettle boiling drowned out the sounds of the group looting the study and small library. But as Adam headed back upstairs, he noticed a light shining under the door to the house's study. Foolishly, he pushed open the door, catching three of the four burgles in the act of trying to fit a computer in a bag. Adam reached up, tattoos expanding as he tried to stop them with magic, but to no avail. The fourth burgle caught him around the back of the head with a lamp.

Samantha woke up tied to a chair in her bedroom, watching as the thieves looted her room for valuables. She carefully burned through her ropes and tried to sneak out of the room whilst the thieves were pre-occupied with her wardrobe. Outside, she was caught by the same thief who knocked her out last time, who tried the same tactic once more. Adam's instincts kicked in once more, and the pair brawled, edging back into her room and towards the balcony. A lucky punch sent Adam and Samantha over the edge, although a last minute grab dragged the thief over with them.

The last thing either of them remembered was looking down at their mangled body from afar. There wasn't any white light to walk into, everything just faded to black.

Samantha is sort of short, very skinny and bordering on completely flat chested. Favouring baggy t-shirts and long trousers, she plays a lot on her androgyny. Adam prefers more formal clothing to Samantha, going with black slacks and waistcoats more often than not. Tribal pattern tattoos cover their shoulder blades, with parts extending up along their neck and down each arm. The tattoos grow to cover most of their upper body and face when they use magic.

Samantha is slightly meek and tends to shy away from activities involving large numbers of people or sports. She is also a pacifist, refusing to use any of her powers to harm someone else, even when she is in danger. Adam is almost the polar opposite, thriving on people and a perceived sense of danger. He also acts to defend the two of them, taking control whenever he feels they are in danger.

HP: 6 | MP: 12 | Spirit Lvl 1
Atk: 0+1 | Def: 1+0 | Mag: 1+3 | Soc: 0+2
Attack: Precise | Defence: Dodge
Cash: $500 | Equipment: Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos:
Physically Attached, Inbuilt Spell (Fireball 1), 10MP Pool (4RP)
A set of tribal tattoos spread across Samantha's back, stretching up her neck and with tendrils down each arm. Made of magical ink, it stores magical power and ensures access to basic fire magic for its wearer.

Androgynous - Several years of careful attention to detail have ensured that Samantha and Adam are visually poised on the cusp of both genders. Subtle changes in posture and attitude can push them either way, allowing both to appear as their chosen gender.

Curse - Whenever Samantha has control of the body, they gain the Pacifist and Phobia (Crowds) disadvantages.
Curse - Whenever Adam has control of the body, they gain Poor Study Habits and Short Tempered disadvantages.

RP expenditure and artefact approved by Mitch.
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Re: Samantha (and Adam) Harring

Postby pneumonica » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:11 pm

I don't know if the GMs have resolved this, but there may be an issue with having a Disadvantage that cuts levels in a Facet in half (Poor Study Habits) only part of the time (in the Curse). Just a single glance-through.

Also, not sure about the ending. The out of body experience could easily be explained as a nightmare, the issue is with the fact that, by technical definition, the thief would've seen him/her/hir/them die.
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Re: Samantha (and Adam) Harring

Postby Kain Telsa » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:09 pm

There are a few things I noticed, but all are easy enough to fit in by making a few assumptions. As they arrive as a spirit, it could be assumed they did die, and become ghosts when they fell. Then instead of wandering around haunting things, MSF picked them up. In that context it's fine, since the spirit-form is their new body and no one saw their spirit forms disappear, they can leave behind a physical corpse. Some spirits are centuries dead when they arrive.. others aren't.
Poor study habits means leveling Student takes longer, so it could either mean it's just fluff(and can't contribute to getting advantages cheaper) or the xp cost is always doubled. Since you have just one advantage, paid for, and it doesn't look like you are going for student, it's a non-issue.

All in all, an interesting character. You have a temp ID.
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