Re: Artifacts

Postby Seishan » Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:43 pm

Seishan's Artifact

Blood Moon:

A crescent halberd whose blade is made of an unknown metal. Unlike most halberds of the same variety this one's crescent blade is much larger than normal. The haft is pretty dull seeming to be made of plain wood. Red runes appear on its head when Seishan uses this weapon in combat.

1-25 Slashy
Armor Reduction 5
Selected Users: Seishan - This weapon is a manifestation of Seishan's will and its powers are only in effect when wielded by him. For anyone else this weapon is about as useful as a stick.

Armor of the Redeemer:

Seishan's full plate, it once was his body until recent events. He now wears it as a reminder of how far he's come since he's arrived at MSF High. For a better description look at his character sheet.

1-5 Damage Reduction
+4 to Magic.
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Seishan Thandreas - Current Race: Human – Current Gender:Male - Student ID and Room Number: 777
Mecha Level 5 Human Level 3 – Facet Levels: Warrior 3 - HP: 160/160 - MP: 60/60
Atk: 8(6+2), Def: 7(5+2), Mag: 7(2+1+4), Soc: 4(3+1), Style: Strong/Block
Advantages: Super Strong, Thick Skinned, Weapon Master(Slashy), Pet(Enkidu);
Disadvantages: Heroic, Honor-bound, Honor-bound Forbidden Weapon Sword, Luddite, Obsession(Redeeming the Bounties);
Abilities: Absorb(25/25), Magic Weapon 3 (+6 Atk when using Blood Moon), Blend in +3
Equipment: Blood Moon (1-25 Slashy, Armor Reduction 5, Savage, Indestructible, Selected Users:Seishan), Armor of the Redeemer(1-5 DR, +4 Mag), 1 Healing Salve(Heals 30 HP), Map to Dr. Stryfe's Office,
Cash: $105 (on person) and $90 (in room)
Current Appearance: 5'11" caucasian male with short combed back brown hair and blue eyes. He has a slightly muscular build and wears gunmetal armor. Right shoulder has a howling wolf on it. Left shoulder has a rearing dragon. He wears a leather glove over his right hand instead of a plate gauntlet. His armor's helmet is currently hooked to his belt. Blood Moon has a brown sash tied to it allowing Seishan to carry it on his back. Underneath the armor he wears a brown shirt and dark green pants. The shirt and pants having random tears in them from his encounter with the river leviathan. For better description refer to character sheet.

Enkidu - Gender: Male
Current Appearance: Two foot tall penguin.

Current RP: 0
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Re: Artifacts

Postby GhostlyReader » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:28 pm

Project Decay

Damage (1-20 Pokey-Ranged)
Elemental Damage: Entropy (+10 Entropy)
Physically Attached
Attribute Swap (Pokey-Ranged to Slashy-Melee)

Rifle (1-20 Pokey-Ranged+10 Entropy)
Twin Dual-Head Chain-axes (1-10 Slashy-Melee+5 Armor Reduction each)

Formation-Takes 2H actions to draw; Quick Draw is negated and weapon must be drawn to be used.

Apocalypse System-The Apocalypse System is a series of extra adrenal-like glands and organs in Nika’s body to aid her during combat by clotting wounds and enhancing organs beyond that of any normal human or Legion. It is irremovable, but severe trauma to Nika’s body can damage it to the point of being useless.

Physically Attached
Stat Boosts: +4 Atk
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Re: Artifacts

Postby MasterV » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:33 pm

Andreos's Artifact

Jester's Oath


Quick Draw
Physically Attached
Damage (1-20 Slashy)
Keen Weapon
Curse: Spiritual Structure- Since the daggers are born from his runes, and the runes are the base of Andreos's life, if they are broken, he suffers from immediate death.
Curse: Trouble Maker's Punishment- If the "Harlequin's Last Laugh" curse is activated and this artifact is equipped, Andreos gains the Damage Magnet and the Dishonorable disadvantages.

Total Cost: 3 RP
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HP: 48/48 MP: 102/101
Special Ability(ies): Intangibility (3/3); Master of Pranks (2/2); Improv for Success (1/1)
Artifact: Jester's Oath(1-20 Slashy) [X]
--> Artifact Advantages/Traits: Quick Draw, Physically Attached, Keen Weapon
--> Artifact Disadvantages: Curse (Spiritual Structure), Curse (Trouble Maker's Punishment) [EXPLAINED ON ARTIFACT POST]
Andreos's Messed-Up Control Runes [Comedy/Tragedy] (Changes are already added on the image signature)
Money: 73$
Items: Alta's Djinni Bottle; 10 HP Potions x2; Arctic Creme x1; Flare Balm x1 (All are Stitch Items)
Temp (Dis)Advantages: N/A
Standard Appearance: 6'7'' tall human-like body, weights around 132lbs, has a very pale skin, which matches he hair color, which is considerably long and straight, but caught up when wearing the mask. His eyes are dark-blue and he possesses in his two arms runes which glow a faint blue aura, his stature is very slender like, almost feminine. His face is shaped like a walnut's casing, but his chin is smaller than normal.
Current Appearance: Default appearance.
Pet(s): Ino Noir - Young and small martial demi-human dog, wears a black fedora, a white bow-tie and a black shirt. Appears adorable... possibly a mastermind in disguise. Calls others "big brother/sister" if he has grown fond of them.
Gustav - Andreos's beloved pet rock. Also doubles as a hat! Not much else he can do though... he can play dead! Apparently also knows Quantum Physics! This is how Andreos wears Gustav as a hat!
Current Status: A-okay.
Link to Profile: [LINK TO PROFILE HERE]
Unspent RP: 0
Spent RP (on myself): 11
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Shadowtide » Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:25 pm

Kari will be starting with this artifact.

Enchanted Ukulele
1-10 Melee Smacky Damage
+2 SOC
Curse: Interrupted Song- Kari typically uses the Ukulele as a prop when singing. If the Ukulele is knocked out of her hands, then that just kills the mood. Seriously. If the a person wielding the Ukelele is disarmed of it, then increase the DC of maintaining a song from idol facet casting by one.
Elke Ellsworth
Student ID: 718 (Roomed with 717 Pray)
Level 3 (TL: 3): Shapeshifter 1, Charmer 1, Priestess 1
Sexuality: Bisexual
Base: Shapeshifter (F)
Current: Base
Appearence: Base
HP: 30/30 - MP: 32/33
Str: 5 Def: 5 Agi: 10 Acc: 7 - Int: 7 Per: 14
Mar: 1 His: 1 Mus: 1 Lan: 1
Racial Specs: Basic Shifting, Gender Shifting
Facet Specs: Demoralizing Presence 1, Priest Casting (15 MP <Mind>)
Adv: Bishy, Musical Talent, Conversational Talent, Honey Voiced
Dis: Dishonorable, Damage Magnet, Slob, Phobia: Having Her Mind Read, Heroic
[Paper Fan] Mus/Hom. F, P. 1dAgi + 1d4. 1H. +2 Speed
[Paper Fan] Mus/Hom. F, P. 1dAgi + 1d4. 1H. +2 Speed
[Top Hat (Fedora)] H . Tailored . Mag . +1 to Oppose Rolls (Inherent)
[School Uniform] STAL . Tailored . Special . 0 Speed . +2 Defense. Full Student Access
[Symbol of Aileesh (Holy Symbol)] N. Crafted. His. +1 Karma. +1 Priest Access
Bag of Suckers
Student ID
[Toque]: H . Tailored . +1 Maid Access
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Re: Artifacts

Postby GhostlyReader » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:24 pm

Saint Yumi’s Katana (1-30 Slashy-Melee, 2H)

Pet: Yumi’s Soul-The blade retains the soul of the previous owner should they die, meaning Yumi’s is sealed within the blade. However, she can project herself, to some degree, into the world.

Disadvantage: Fragile-Due to the nature of the blade, the wielder and the one within meld a bit, both physically and mentally. When drawn, the user is unable to take a punch, similar to Yumi.

Saint Yumi Ring-The ring worn by Saint Yumi, passed down her family line since feudal Japanese times. In appearance it is little more than a bright steel ring with the True Legion’s symbol inscribed on the interior of the band.

Stat boosts: +2 Atk, +2 Def
Ability Stock: Elemental Specialization-Purity
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Calypso » Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:39 pm

Calypso's artifact, which she will have as soon as she writes it up.

Calypso's Notes: Calypso has a very orginized mind. So orginized, in fact, that after many tests she has managed to figure out and write how one must act in order to manipulate others. Unfortunatly, for her at least, it can be used by anyone if they have it and can read it. In addition, one can only be use it be only one of annoying, intimidating or sexy.

Stat Boost: Social +2
Advantage Stock: Bishy
Advantage Swap: Bishy to either Infuriating or Intimidating

4RP. Approved.
Calypso Nymph - Legion (True Legion) - Female - ID# 742
Succubus, 3; Deviling, 1; Legion, 1 - Legion Queen, 2 - HP: 46/46 - MP: 68/68
Atk: 2+1 {-2} (1), Def: 0+2 (2), Mag: 3+1 (4), Soc: 5+2 [+4] {+2} (13), Style: Fast/Dodge
Advantages: Flight
Disadvantages: Unnconected: Off (-2 on all actions), Fragile, Obsession: Fancy Food, Code of Honor: Honor your promises, Trust your friends, Protect your Partner... as long as they do the same
Abilities: Irresistible Pheromones (3/3) Teleport (1/1) Changing Touch (1/1) Gift (1/1)
Racial advantages/disadvantages: Racial Telepathy [Inactive], Enviromental Imperative, Light Sustained
Equipment: Student Uniform, 152$, FenrisCo Catalog, Shield belt: 1~10 DR; SKS Rifle: 1-20 Pokey-Ranged, 1-5 Entropy, 2H
Artifacts: Calypso's Notes (+4 to Social, Bishy or Button Pusher or Imposing) Calypso's Uniform (-2 Att, +2 Soc)
Current Appearance: Queen Calypso
Jobs: FenrisCo Sales girl, Movie Theater girl
Pet: Deadly Adder
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Shi-Ures » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:57 am

Necrotic Machine Rifke
(1RP) Indestructible
(1RP) Physically attached
(1RP) Barbed Weapon
Stat boost: +2 Def +2 Mag (2RP)

Honor Bound - Honor Bound: Shi will follow any orders given to him by somebody he considers his leader, unless it goes against a current order.
Elemental Weakness - Entropy (-1RP)
Slow paced - The size if the gun on Shi's shoulder is enough to slow him down significantly (-1RP)
Total: 2 RP the guns appearance, it is a laser rifle though
Approved by Mitch
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Name: Shi-Ures the Wandering Race: Cyborg (hellhound/android)
Facet: Warrior Level: 6 (Deviling 2, Android 4, Warrior 0)
Year: 1 Job: N/A Address: Room 805 ID: 806 Gender: Male
ATK: 6 (4+2)DEF: 6 (3+1+2) MAG: 5 (1+2+2) SOC: 4 (3+1) Styles: Precise/Block
Equipment: $380, Necrotic Machine Rifke - 1-30 pokey damage (melee/ranged) grants 2 levels in warrior, 1-5 DR Heavy Armor(unequipped)
Advantage: no magical ability; Disadvantage: Big softy, Curious, phobia: crosses of any kind
Special Ability: teleport 2/2
HP: 130/130 MP: 0/0
Current Race: Normal
Current Gender: Normal
Current Appearence: Normal

viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6701 - the rest of it
Configurations: Alpha:Level 1 targeting systems, Level 2 shielding unit - for those times you need lots of defense and a bit of aim
                       Bravo: Level 1 targeting systems, Level 2 weapon hardpoint - for when you just need a little help aiming and a whole lot more kick 
                       Charlie:Weapon Hardpoint lvl 2, Shielding Unit lvl 1- good for when you want to hit a bit harder and stay safe but don't need as much attack (such as against High HP or Heavy Armor opponents)
                       Delta: Shielding Unit lvl 2, Weapon Hardpoint lvl 1- good for when you want to survive more easily and deal a bit more damage yet don't need the extra attack (such as against the Kaiju)
                       Echo:Targeting Systems lvl 2, Weapon Hardpoint lvl 1- good for when you REALLY need to make sure you hit your target but aren't as worried about damage (such as against small characters)
                       Foxtrot: Targeting Systems lvl 1, Weapon Hardpoint lvl 1, Shielding Unit lvl 1- a balance for those times when you need a little of everything (such as against a variety of foe types)
Current Config: Delta

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Re: Artifacts

Postby Rascleman500 » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:39 am

Byron's artifact:

The gunblade Pandorum

Thanks to a gift from Hrothulf, Byron's gunblade now has snake sigils on it that increases its capabilities.

1-15 melee slashy, 1-5 ranged pokey
+2 ATK
Savage weapon

Total: 2 RP. Approved.
Loren Isaiah Valente Esquiline - Human - Female (looks and sounds Male) - ID:TEMP
Level 1, Human 1, Nerd 0 - HP-10/10 - MP - 10/10
ATK - (1+1) 2, DEF - (0+2) 2, MAG - (0+2) 2, SOC - (1+1) 2
Advantages: Super Strong, Androgynous (A roll must be made to determine Loren's true gender)
Disadvantages: Obsession: Becoming Male, Cutie Lover, Big Softy, Bad Luck, Major Curse: Never Achiever
Equipment: Cosplay Hammer(1-10 melee Smashy damage, 2 handed), Special clothing (1-15DR, Grants Androgynous)
Items: $0
Abilities: Blend In 1/1
Appearance: An androgynous human standing at 5'9" with a muscled athletic look, short sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing long baggy pants, t-shirt, sneakers, a blue coat with fur visible in the hood and a hidden voice modulator, cloth bindings underneath the clothes to keep the body flat, and a satchel around the shoulder
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Stalin Stalker » Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:14 pm

Stalin's artifact.

Amulet of Durian's Crown Shard-A fragment of Durian's crown. Protect's Stalin from the programming her daughters did to him.
>Negates Honor Bound: Obey Legion-It shows that all Legion are not to order/boss Stalin around, and if they do, a voice in the back of Stalin's head reminds him that he is in control of his own actions.
>Selected User: Stalin Stalker-It is for Stalin, and Stalin alone to negate his reprogramming by the Legion. It has no other purpose, and even if it didn't; its made for him and only reacts to him.
>Stat Boost: Def (+2 Def)-Gives Stalin gains a bit of Defender-like strength to hold his own in battle.

Curse: "Bring no Harm to our Daughters."
>All combat actions against True Legion recieve a -2 Penalty.
>Stalin loses 1/3 of his current HP and 1/4 of his current MP for every True Legion he kills.

Reda's Artifacts

War Amulet-An amulet used to amplify Reda's magical abilites, created from the gem of a Zerker Priesthood staff.
>Stat Boost: +4 Mag-Same, but in general.

>Fragile Artifact-All damage dealt to the staff in an attempt to break it is doubled, due to the fragileness of the staff itself.

Nightshade Ballista-A hybrid weapon used from the Righteous Fury bow for close and ranged combat, firing high-explosive bolts and creating arcs of damage with each swing. (1-5 Slashy-Melee, 1-10 Slashy-Ranged+1-5 Entropy, 1H)
>Savage Weapon
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Stalin Stalker, ID:807 Lvl 5 (Lvl 1 Mecha (Protector)-Lvl 2 Deviling hybrid, Lvl 2 Warrior)
HP-70/70 MP-30/30 Attack-6 (3+1)+2, Defense-9 (1+2)+2+4, Magic-2 (0+2), Social-3 (2+1) Atk/Def Styles-Strong/Dodge
Adv-Weapon Master: Pokey, Super Strong, Extra Run Speed Disadv-Phobia:Water, Exclusive Racist(Divine), Honor Bound:Obey Legion
Special Abilities-Absorb (5/5) Teleport (2/2)
Equipment-(Right Hand) Stalker-Protector's Combat Drill/Rivet Gun (20 Pokey-Melee/Ranged+10 Fire, +2 Def), (M) Zerker Family Armor (15 DR, 2 lvls. Warrior Access); Durian's Crown Shard Amulet
Items-$40, 2 Cryo-Hypos (5MP), 2 Pyro-Hypos (15HP), 4 Med-Kits (10HP)
Appearance-Armored, with a black shirt underneath.

'Reda' Zerker, ID: 807 Lvl 5 (Lvl 3 Garoyle, Lvl 1 Deviling, Lvl 1 Priestess)
HP-60/60 MP-40/40 Attack-5 (3+2), Defense-4 (3+1), Magic-6 (1+1)+4, Social-4 (2+2) Atk/Def Styles-Strong/Block
Adv-Stone Skin, Super Strong, Thick Skinned, Entropy Spec., Extra Run Speed Disadv-Bad Timing, E. Weakness: Purity, Cutie Lover, Stiff-Jointed
Special Ability-Turn to Stone (12/12 Rounds), Teleport (1/1)
Equipment-Savage Nightshade Ballista (5 Slashy-Melee, 10 Slashy-Ranged+5 Entropy, Splash), War Amulet (+4 Mag), Zerker Family Armor (25 DR)
Items-$105, 3 Med-Kits (10HP), Cellphone (Mel'lon and Stalin on speed dial), 1 Vial (10 MP).

Fenris Debt: $246.70.
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Zero Confidence » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:52 pm

New Artifact/Artifact Upgrade

Upon combining Witch Hunter and Ghost Buster, Zero now makes the

Deus EX Cannon (1-20 Ranged Damage, 1-20 MP damage, Spirit Weapon) (Pokey Type)

Added advantage Bifuricating

They can be split back up into Witch Hunter (1-20 MP damage) and Ghost Buster (1-20 Range Damage, Spirit Weapon).

Approved by Mitch already.
Current Race: Redeemed (giantess)
temp advantages: Odd size (large1), Super Strength
temp disadvantage: Short Tempered
HP 152/152 MP 192/192
Abilities: Blend-In (Rank 6), Scientist Abilities (Rank 6)- Scientist Repair 4/6, 'Biowarp Mage Channeling'(Rank 3), Heroic Effort(0/1), Targeting Systems, Optic Resolution Enhancement,Shielding Unit, Photographic Memory Unit
Current Configuration:
Targeting Systems (2 Points)+Shielding Unit (2 Points) = Combat Systems
ZC Special Devices: Offensive Fire 30/30, Offensive Water 30/30, Healing Purity 30/30, Minor Cosmetics 20/30, Gender Changer 30/30, Bone Shooter 15/30, Bone Guard 15/30, Bone Shotgun 30/30, Offensive Earth 30/30, Synaptic Enhancer 30/30,Offensive Wind 30/30, Body Modifications 30/30
Items: pair of health drinks (Restore 10 hp when drank), summon seed (summons a level 2 plant), 140 Units of Battery, Battery Call Card, Book of many pages (Zero's Notebook #2), 1 Smart Wick Smoke Bombs, Fenris book of Business, flashlight, escape stone, pick, Mahou Energy detector
Currency: $177
Current Outlook:A female Android with a human outlook. She's wearing her signature scientist outfit.
Profile: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2673&p=39573#p39573
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Spiral » Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:42 am

Quartz Wand of Dancing Lights: An iron wand with a special white quartz Mahoucite inlay. It augments Spiral's ability to cast Mage spells, allowing him to do so with one hand instead of two. It also provides additional energy for light spells and is difficult to break, which also allows him to use it for parrying attacks. It is customized for Spiral, so only he can use it.
Selected User: Terran Spiral
Extra Appendage
Restriction: Extra Appendage only effective when using Mage spells (linked)
MP Pool: 20/20
Restriction: MP Pool only effective for Light spells (linked)
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Neimad the I'S » Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:40 pm

Ok, so I decided that I'd treat myself a bit by adding some artifacts to spice things up.

First up is Uratino who has two of his normal items being made into artifacts:

Timmy the Hammer of Justice is gaining-
+5 Light Elemental Damage
10 Ranged Smashy Damage + 5 Ranged Light Elemental Damage
Advantage Stock: Quick Witted

Sacred Armor of Saint Alexial Rastigo (enchanted protective bracelet) is gaining:
+20 Armor
+2 Defense

5 RP for Timmy
3 RP for Bracelet
8 RP total

Also at the same time, Uratino is regaining his Elemental Specialization: Body and an additional $200 by using an RP.
Uratino Frozenflamey
Level 6 Chibi Elf (4 Chibi, 2 Mythic) ♂: HP 56/56 MP 100/100, Cute and Innocent +4, Royal Grace 2/2, | Level 2 Mage: 2/2 Spell Cast Bonus
ATT 1 DEF 2(+2) MAG 5+3(+2) SOC 4+3 _ Attack: Strong, Defense: Dodge
Adv: Bishy, Androgynous, Odd-Sized (Small1), Magic Spec: Purity & Body, Quick-Witted (Artifact)
Dis: Ex Obsession: "Vox's Crystal Brooch", Big Softy, Obsession (highly shiny objects), Curse- Shared Fate
Artifacts: 'Timmy the Hammer of Justice'- 1-10 melee smashy dmg+1-5 Light dmg/ 1-10 ranged smashy dmg+1-5 Light dmg, +Quick-Witted; "Sacred Armor of Saint Alexial Rastigo"- Protective Bracelet: 30 dmg-abs, +2 Def; Empowered Briault- 4 levels of Mage access, +2 Mag; Vivi's Crystal Brooch- switches Uratino for Vivi
Items: Overheal1 & Data Corruption

Venusian Vox (Vivi)
Level 6 Chibi True Legion (4 Chibi, 2 Legion) ♀: HP 88/88 MP 64/64, Cute and Innocent +4, Changing Touch 2/2 | Level 2 Defender: +10 dmg-abs to armor
ATT 1+3 DEF 2+3(+1) MAG 5(+1) SOC 4 _ Attack: Precise, Defense: Parry
Adv: Ex. Run Speed, Bishy, Odd-sized(small1), Weapon Master: Slashy, Eagle-eyed, Rooting, Racial Telepathy
Dis: Ex Obsession: "Vivi's Crystal Brooch", Dishonorable, Environmental Imperative, Curse- Shared Fate
Equipment/Artifacts: Two "Peacock Fan-bladed Tonfas": 1-15 dmg + Keen each; Reinforced Visor: 20 dmg-abs (+10 from Defender facet) +1 Def and +1 Mag;
Kusanoha- as weapon, 1-25 dmg + 10 Armor Redux + Savage (two-handed Slashy), as shield, 20 dmg-abs +1 Def, Indestructible; Vivi's Crystal Brooch- switches Vivi for Uratino

Shared Items: Vox's Cryatal Brooch _ Money: $320 _ Current race: F Chibi Legion, 2' 2¼" tall/M Chibi Elf 2' 1" tall _ Current Armor: Defender, Current Clothing: Elaborate Bluish Briault with ornate white long-sleeve hooded vest trimmed in blue/gold and a gold scarf
Mindscape in italics with previous colors, only green can be heard by Legion.
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Kat Da Kit » Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:26 pm

Next up is Eidolon since he's been overshadowed by Katriel's GIRTAB System.

Hybrid linear induction impact driver and railgun crossbow weapon, the 'Double Cross':

Description- In storage it appears as a oddly shaped baton with a few visible hinges and slots, but when the grip is forced downward by one of Katriel's automatons into proper position a mechanism is triggered which unfolds the four staves of the crossbow into position which pulls the strings taught. Should anyone other than an automaton of specific make attempt to use it, the mechanism would remain locked. This weapon was meant to match other ranged weaponry from Katriel's world without the usual detectible signature of said weapons, as such it employs a railgun booster for the bolts which only works in a short burst to accelerate the bolt beyond even gas-propelled projectiles without alerting heat, sound, or electrical sensors. The weapon also employs a short ranged impact spike which is housed within. When used, a magic enhanced linear induction motor system is used to drive a tungsten carbide spike which has four blades that form a 'cross' shaped hole when used (which is the second 'cross' of the 'Double Cross'). The lubrication of this spike is specially designed with an isotope which leaves a signature easily detectible by the automatons created by Katriel, such as Eidolon. This allows for easier targeting of those 'marked' by the close-range attack which was useful in melee combat or sniping.

30 ranged pokey damage with 5 Armor Reduction
10 melee pokey damage with 10 Armor reduction
+2 Att which is only active against opponents on which a melee hit with the Double-Cross has been landed.
Selected User: Eidolon

3 RP for ranged damage
1 RP for armor reduction on ranged
1 RP for melee damage
2 RP for armor reduction on melee
1 RP for stat boost
1 RP for Selected User
9 RP total

I'll also be updating Katriel's GIRTAB System according to schedule (which shall be later) as well as using 1 RP for $200 on Katriel as well.
Katriel Stringpuller-
Current Appearance- usual 5' 1" Kitsune self (see profile) with blue three-piece suit and fedora outerwear.
TL- 2 (Kitsune1,Martial Artist1) _ HP- 22/22 _ MP- 19/19 _ STR- 6 _ DEF- 5 _ AGI- 10 _ ACC- 9 _ INT- 9 _ PER- 9
Adv.- Magical Prodigy, Bishy, Companion (Eidolon)_ Disadv.- Cutie Lover, Damage Magnet, No Follow-Through, Need a Hitch, Brittle, Easily Distracted
Abilities- Shapechange (Human), Bare-Handed +2
Skills- Martial Arts: 1, Science: 1, History: 1, Music/Theatre: 1
Equip.- Fist+1(M)- CritUp1, Fist+1(O)- CritUp1, Standard Gi (Martial Artist 1) _ Money: $0
Misc. Items- None

Eidolon XAA-1 v2- Eidolon or Eidie (pronounced ahy-dee)
Current Appearance- Usual 4' 2" Metallic doll appearance with normal outfit (see profile for more)
TL- 1 (Puppet 1) _ HP- 5/5 _ MP- 10/10 _ STR- 7 _ DEF- 8 _ AGI- 7 _ ACC- 8 _ INT- 9 _ PER- 9
Adv.- Androgynous, No Libido_ Disadv.- MP Overload
Abilities- Extra Life (1/1), Respawn 5%
Skills- Gym: 1, History: 1, Language: 1
Equip.- Rapier, Buckler, Oracle Robe
Misc. Items- None
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Yuan » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:08 pm

Finally comes an artifact for Yuan which by popular demand will not be decreasing her insanity.

External Storage Link and Overclocking Unit, Carbo Red:

Description- Outwardly it takes the appearance of a red jewel similar to those found imbedded in her body. However this 'jewel' is actually an advanced device formed of crystal. If one were to look closely, lines of light would flicker inside the jewel radiating from a central location of darker color. The device connects Yuan's brain to an external rented storage server, freeing up memory and processing which can be used to enhance her capabilities. Unfortunately, the server doesn't have much more allotted processing power than Yuan herself and has to deal with managing incoming and outgoing information, so it does not solve the issues which caused Yuan's scattered mind. In addition to freeing up a few thing, it also has a setting which focuses the additional processing towards physical reactions by overclocking her system. However, as with other forms of overclocking, Yuan's systems become more prone to overheating.

Base; +1 Def, +2 Mag, +1 Soc, Physically Attached
Overclocked settings; swaps 1 mag/soc to 1 att/def for +1 Att, +2 Def, +1 Mag, adds the disadvantage 'Environmental Hazard: High Heat'.

2 RP for stat boosts
1 RP for stat swaps
1 RP for Physically Attached
4 RP total

Also due to this artifact Yuan shall be losing her Coward disadvantage. As with the rest of my characters I'm using 1 RP for $200.
Race: Level 7 Android Facet: Level 2 Priest _ Stats: HP- 132/132, MP- 53/62, Att- 4+1, Def- 5+1(+1), Mag- 2+3(+2), Soc- 3+1(+1) _ Stances: Attack- Fast, Defense- Dodge.
Advantages: Thick Skinned, Double-Jointed, Honey-Voiced, Water Breather, Button-Pusher, Unflappable, Theme Day Bonus: Weapon Master (Slashy)
Disadvantages: Bad Liar, Curious, Bad Timing, Dyslexic, Short Attention Span, Obsession- Cheese covered foods, Extreme Phobia- Beings who say ‘nachos’, Big Softy
Equipment: “Samurai's Priest Vestments”, shoulder guards, armguards, and chain skirt- 30(+15) dmg abs ($600), “Anti-War-Lock”, lock ‘n chain necklace- 2 level Priest Facet Access ($100), "Attack Up", a Body Spell- 10MP for a +1 bonus, also enables Nerd Mind spells (Magic Class Special Item) _ Items: Kaiju Amulet _ Money: $40
Artifacts: Illusory Weapon Generator, 1-10 Mind Damage, Select User: Yuan, Physically Attached _ Currently Active Illusory Weapon: N/A
Carbo Red, +1 Def, +2 Mag, +1 Soc, Physically Attached _ Overclocked Status: Inactive

Racial Abilities: Hover Jets Lv3 15/15 minutes left (6 points), Shielding Unit Lv4 up to +20 dmg abs (8 points), Self-Repair Unit Lv3 1/1 (6 points), Biological Emulation Lv1 1/1 (4 points) Facet Abilities: Priest casting (30MP limit)
Currently Active Configuration: Rx#4447 Config- Self-Repair Unit(lv4) + Shielding Unit(lv3)

Current clothing: Usual multi-layered outfit (see profile for the list/descriptions) _ Current appearance: Usual anatomically-correct self with smooth round red jewel in forehead
Larger image of avatar picture which represents Yuan's normal appearance
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Re: Artifacts

Postby Aelita » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:29 am

Approved by Mitchell

Artifact Upgrade[?] for the Leaf Blade

Elemental Damage: Purity: -1RP

Disadvantages when equipped:
Curse: Race Change: Human - When equipped, the user's turns into a Human.
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